Corn oil versus argan oil. Which one is better?

Natural care requires using highly effective cosmetics. Here is the clash of titans! Which natural oil is better? Popular argan oil or this little forgotten corn oil? Keep reading to compare their beauty benefits and make a choice, which is really simple.

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Some people claim that both oils have a lot in common. The truth though is that the differences between corn oil and argan oil begin with the composition, which obviously affects the final outcomes both oils are able to produce.

Corn and argan oil. What makes them similar?

Like every natural oil, the oils extracted from maize grains and argan kernels are emollients. This means that they are able to rebuild the hydro-lipid layer of skin and prevent water loss. The indirect moisturizing effect is what connects both oils.

Alike corn oil, argan oil consistency can be described as lightweight and smooth. Both oils have fair gold color. This is what makes them similar visually.

And these are all the similarities that both oils share.

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What makes argan oil distinct from corn oil?

There are definitely more qualities that make the oils different from each other than the number of things that connect them. Despite being seemingly similar, the effect the oils produce can’t be labeled alike. Not without a reason argan oil is commonly introduced into formulas of thousands of beauty products.

  1. Argan oil contains over 100 compounds displaying various properties, which can’t be found in corn oil.
  2. Application of corn oil isn’t as universal as it’s with argan oil which can be used to condition body, hair, face, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows.
  3. Only argan oil provides full protection against: high temperature, free radicals, the sun and mechanical damage.
  4. It’s definitely easier to obtain corn oil. Original argan oil has just one source; it comes from Moroccan¬†Argania Spinosa¬†tree kernels.
  5. Argan oil is believed to be a stronger antioxidant than corn oil, therefore its anti-aging effect is better.

Argan oil as the best oil in body and hair care

Fortunately, daily body and hair care isn’t challenging providing that we have pure argan oil close at hand. It’s wise to choose argan oil which composition is made of 100% argan oil only, which wasn’t thinned with some unnecessary substances like synthetic aroma compounds, colorants, parabens or silicones.

The best is Nanoil Argan Oil: cold-pressed, unrefined, organic and certified.

Only Nanoil Argan Oil is non-greasy, golden and well-absorbed. It gives the pleasant results of oil without creating the actual oily sensation but just velvet protective film that is almost impossible to feel.

Find out what else you can win by choosing the best argan oil.

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How does Nanoil Argan Oil work?

As mentioned above, this is an emollient that prevents water loss. Also, it’s an anti-oxidant therefore it limits the adverse effects of free radicals. Moreover, Nanoil Argan Oil displays anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, supplies hair and skin with essential nutrients, revitalizes and improves their condition.

Benefits of Nanoil Argan Oil for hair:

  • hair gets stronger on its entire length (from bulbs to ends)
  • intensified hair color and shine
  • accelerated hair growth and increased volume
  • combated problem of hair thinning
  • easier hair styling
  • no damage during arranging a hairdo

Benefits of Nanoil Argan Oil for skin:

  • healthier, more radiant and youthful-looking skin
  • elimination of acne
  • more supple and firm body skin
  • smoother skin
  • no tight skin feeling
  • reduction of irritations and discolorations

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