How to perform oil treatment with corn oil?

hair-care.jpgHair care may turn out to be pain in the neck for some girls. Not only do we have to choose suitable cosmetics (sometimes expensive ones) and use them properly but also do it regularly. Unfortunately, beauty isn’t cheap. But does it have to be true about hair? Anyway you shampoo your head and apply a conditioner  every few days – there’s no other way of taking care of hair. But what would happen if you devoted one day or a par of it to thorough scalp cleansing?

Hair and scalp care doesn’t need to be so awful. It’s enough if you perform hair oil treatment before washing. What is the treatment about? There’s no easier way to take care of hair and scalp. Choose a cosmetic oil e.g. corn oil and apply it to the strands. The amount if oil depends on the length and degree of damage of your hair as well as on the scalp irritation. After more or less one hour, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo free from irritant substances (SLS or SLES). And that’s what hair and scalp care is all about.

What benefits can you get from corn oil hair treatment? Firstly, nourishing. Corn oil is rich in lots of minerals and vitamins which provide complex hair and scalp care. It’s because the product contains vitamins A, C and K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine and saturated fatty acids. Secondly, regeneration. Corn oil alleviates irritation of the scalp, speeds up cellular restoration and rebuilds damaged strands. Thirdly, strengthening. Corn oil makes hair and hair bulbs stronger, less prone to falling out and chemical or mechanical damage. Fourthly, better condition in general. Corn oil speeds up blood circulation and helps to fight dandruff.

What else should you know about corn oil? Corn oil is cold pressed. It shouldn’t be refined. Natural product is orange or red whereas refined one is yellow. It is one of drying oils which means that it oxidizes after exposure to light or moisture. If we want to extend its durability, we should store it according to specific instructions. Keep the bottle in a shadowy and dry place. During the application, be careful not to smudge your face skin or clothes with the oil. The product is available in hypermarkets (as food oil), health food stores and online.